Power, Grace, and a good cause.

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Anybody can have hot girls on the wall. Why not go the extra mile for 2012 & put up hot chicks that are also Olympic gold medalists?

US Womens' Rowing fundraising calendar 2012

In the United States, there is no funding for Olympians’ expenses as they train for the gold. So while everyone else gets to sit back on their featherbeds covered in government-funded gold silk, American athletes have to pull themselves up by the proverbial bootstraps and generate their own revenue.

Thus, when faced with the sad Dickensian possibility of standing on a street clouded with coal dust as they tried to sell apples for a nickel to pay for their tickets Across the Pond in the summer of 2012, the women of United States Rowing decided to let New York photographer Jordan Matter take a picture so it’d last longer.

US Womens' rowing fundraising calendar

The result is the 2012 iteration of Power and Grace, filled with shots to inspire you to get up off the couch this winter or to stay home and feel awesome in the knowledge of having helped fund yet another opportunity to annoy the rest of the world by yelling, “U-S-A, U-S-A!”