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Closed-Hood Car Jump Starter

Wednesday, January 18th, 2012

ThinkGeek Closed Hood Car Starter

Things happen. They always have. That doesn’t mean that being prepared has to be bulky.

Thanks to the minimalists over at ThinkGeek, car batteries have met their match. Gone are the bulky cables rattling around your trunk until the day you’re holding them up by the side of the road in a silent plea for an Automotive Samaritan.

Our suggestion: The Closed-Hood Car Jump Starter. No hood to open, no fear of accidental electrocution, and like your favorite smart phone, this little wonder is a miniature version of the original that plugs into your cigarette lighter.

So go on. Streamline your just-in-case-kit, and keep the extra space for things that matter. Like beer.

Bodum Travel Coffee and Tea Press

Friday, January 13th, 2012

Bodum Travel Coffee and Tea Press

Who says you can’t take it with you? Bodum begs to differ.

Sporting a snazzy array of colors, the Bodum Travel Press allows you to bring your high-octaine fuel of choice along for the ride. So this year, save some change, skip the coffeehouse line coma and put some pep in your step right out of the gate. It’s all good – Bodum’s got your back.

Gaiam 2-in-1 yoga mat

Monday, January 9th, 2012

Gaiam 2-in-1 yoga mat

Tired of carrying the troublesome yoga twosome?
Consolidate your bag as you cleanse your karma with the 2 In 1 Yoga Mat from Gaiam.

One side is a standard yoga mat, the other is lined with a quick-absorbent towel, allowing you to stand with surety as you brave the heat of hot yoga. Boasting the convenience of being both machine-washable and eco-friendly, this lightweight bit of bliss will stick with you long after class ends.

Keep your music in tune.

Monday, November 14th, 2011

Rinse My Music

Over the years, we’ve all gotten one song here, one song there, and after a while, you just find yourself searching for “Track 12″. Well scroll no more – Rinse is here to help.

Free Download:

This nifty little software will go through your music library and smooth the bumps – delete duplicates, fix misspelled titles, grab album artwork, & work on putting your musical house to rights, leaving you awash in a database of musical order.